It all started in 1948


Tradition, quality and authenticity are the values that shaped the business Riccardo’s grandfather started over 70 years ago. Today, more than ever, these guiding principles describe what Tonda stands for.


Once upon a time in 1948… Famous pizzas on the beach in Pescara

The roots of our business lie as far back as the middle of last century: Riccardo Ciferni’s grandmother, along with her husband, was selling her pizzas to vacationers on the beach on the Adriatic Sea.
Famous for her pizzas, she was also a historical figure. 


The first Trieste Pizzeria is opened!

Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Gabriele Ciferni opens his very first restaurant in Pescara, the “Trieste Pizzeria” in 1958.
Not much later, he creates the first pizzetta: a pizza of an unconventional, easily recognizable size and a unique taste that has become synonymous with Italian high-quality food over the years.

The 1960s

A pioneering concept in modern franchising
Vincenza and Gabriele further developed the business to somewhat that can be called the “franchising of former times”. The couple had found a way to ensure the results of the dough baking would be the same in any other location. 13 pizzerias were established. Some businesses established at that time still exist today!

The 1970s to 1990s

A period of steady business imposing very high quality

Backed by over 20 years of experience, Riccardo’s parents work on stabilizing their gastronomic business while imposing strict quality standards for any partners.
The family sells and distributes the dough to 12 restaurants on the Adriatic coast.
No compromises are made to maintain and protect the name and the reputation that have been built up with so much effort.

The new millenium

The third generation takes over
The business, already in the third generation, is now completely led by Riccardo. The focus on tradition, quality and authenticity remains unchanged – as the high standards do.
Evolution of the pizzetta’s ingredients
Consumers’ awareness and concerns about nutritional aspects lead Riccardo and his wife to adapt their products: their “modern” pizzetta does not contain any animal fats. Furthermore, only extra virgin olive oil and less refined flour are used.


Tonda: the franchise brand is born
The signature food remains the pizzetta and its organic ingredients mainly sourced from the Abruzzo region in Italy.


First restaurant outside Italy!
Opening of the first restaurant outside the Italian borders: in Madrid, Spain


First restaurant in Vietnam!

Tonda Pizza now has restaurants in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, New York, Dubai, Vietnam, Sydney! 

Smaller size… bigger sensation!

Make sure you ordered 2 pizzetta for each person 🙂