Truly healthy Italian


At Tonda, we pride ourselves to be Italian, to carefully select traditional suppliers in Italy and to ensure the traceability of our products that do not contain artificial flavours.


Be creative


Our freshly prepared hearty morning options
are the perfect start to your day

Egg breakfast

Brown bread, Smashed avocado, Mushrooms, Cherry tomaotes, Eggs (Scrambled, Poached, Omelette, White)

adds on:
Egg, Spinach
Beef Bacon, Turkey ham
Smoked Salmon

Caprese Toast

Brown bread, Sliced tomaotes, Buffalo mozzarella cheese,
Smashed avocado

Sweet Morning

Two sliced brown bread + topping (Apricot jam, Nutella, Butter)

Fresh Beginning

Yogurt, Green apple, Strawberries

Honey Start

Yogurt, Granola, Honey, Green apple, Strawberries

Early combo: Regular coffee & Cornetto

from 7am to 11am


Italian drinks

Italian small water
Italian large water
Coke, Diet coke, Coke zero, Fanta, Sprite
Iced tea
Fresh juices

Smaller size… bigger sensation!

Make sure you ordered 2 pizzetta for each person 🙂